Monday, March 21, 2016

Mantan Moreland: The Black Comedian Who Was Almost One of the Three Stooges

When I first saw Mantan Moreland in King of the Zombies, I became an instant fan. Really, I can think of no better instance of someone stealing the show from the supposed main characters.

I’ve written a piece on Moreland's career (and his connection with the Stooges) over at the Today I Found Out site. 

I’d love it if you’d take a look (and feel free to comment either here or there—all feedback is very welcome).

Mantan Moreland and frequent co-star Frankie Darro. In the pre-integration era, it's pretty cool that Moreland and Darro were always depicted as not only co-workers, but also friends and equals.


  1. Really great article. I remember watching Mantan Moreland on stage and in movies at the Gem Theater, the Negro theater here in Knoxville when I was growing up. I also remember another great comedic actor, Stepin Fetchit who, like Moreland, is not remember.

    1. I've read about the Gem Theater. How wonderful that you got to see performers like Moreland in person! I'm envious.